Research Policies in the FSM

Welcome to our research page! We appreciate your interest in conducting research activities related to our history and culture here in the Federated States of Micronesia. We kindly ask you to refer to both our National Research Policy and relevant State Research Policy and apply accordingly.

National Cultural Policy

Please note: FSM National Immigration requires a Bio-data/Resume of the researcher and one (1) letter of recommendation and Research Proposal. Please refer to Title 26 of the FSM Code and the Federated States of Micronesia Cultural Research Policy, updated 30 May, 2018 for more information. Please contact our office with required documents to initiate the National research permitting process.

Non-United States Citizens Immigration Permit.

Research Policies by State

All proposal applications should be received by the State HPO officer (not the National HPO), at least 90 days before the proposed research is to begin. Decisions will generally be communicated to applicants within 4 weeks after they are received.

Kosrae State HPO          Pohnpei State HPO       Chuuk State HPO           Yap State HPO