Japanese Elementary School for Pohnpeian Children, Ni Ahlek, Kolonia

The Japanese Elementary School for Ponapean Children in Kolonia is believed to have been built in either 1920 or 1921. The school was built in an area of Kolonia which during the Spanish occupancy of Ponape would have been inside the Spanish Wall or Fort Alphonso. The existing building and site, are of major significance to the people of Ponape because they represent two major eras in Ponape’s history during the last century. Additionally, the Building and Site serve as strong visual aides for purposes of teaching Ponapean children something of their island’s history. The school site was utilized from time, construction until the U.S. attacks on Ponape in 1944. During its use, it was the only school for Ponapean children. Japanese dependents were forced to attend a segregated school in another part of Kolonia.