Pohnpei State Sites Listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places

Catholic Bell Tower, Catholic Mission, Kolonia (11/25/80, C, a, 800004399)

Chief Agricultural House, Pwunsoh, Kolonia (9/30/76 C, 76002200)

German Cemetery, Lakupa, Kolonia (9/30/76 A, d, 76002201)

Japanese Hydro-electric Power Plant, Daini, Kolonia (3/30/76 A,C, 76002204)

Japanese Shrine, Town Hall, Kolonia (9/30/76 A, a, 76002205)

Japanese Artillery Road and Pohndollap Area, Kousapw Sapwohn, Sokehs (9/30/76 A, g, 76002202)

Japanese Elementary School for Pohnpeian Children, Ni Ahlek, Kolonia (9/30/76 A, 76002203)

Nan Madol East Side of Temwen Island, Temwen Island (12/30/74 A, C , D, NHL., 74002226)

Sokehs Mass Grave Site, Komwonlaid, Kolonia (9/30/76 C, 76002206)

Spanish Wall, Ni Ahlek, Kolonia (12/19/74 A, 7400227)