Japanese Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Daini, Kolonia

The Building and Land Site are of major significance to Ponape as: The Building and Land Site where the Japanese Hydro- Electric Power Plant and German Experimental Forestry Station were situated is of major significance as it represents 3 eras in Ponapean development. Local historians and cultural experts say that initially, the site represent some of the richest banks of flat stones used in the traditional sakau or kava pounding/drinking ceremonies in Ponape. From this site, people have been extracting the flat stones for 100’s of years for this cultural and traditional ritual. Secondly, the German occupancy of Ponape beginning in the early 1900s, saw this area become a vast and prosperous experimental trees and plants from throughout the world were planted. Many of the trees are still healthy and fruitful today. Lastly, the Development by the Japanese with Ponapean and Japanese labor of a Hydro-Electric Power Plant, which provided electricity for Kolonia, served as a model for the future which has still not been matched in Ponape. People who remember Kolonia during the Jpanese times, claim that night was likely day because of the power generated by this Hydro- Electric unit.